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NIELSEN internship programs

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Our Programs

These are part time posts for people travelling as tourists. The commitment is for 25 hours per week so there is time for sightseeing.



Working holidays

Internships for students

Internships for workers intending to establish themselves in Ireland

These are full time internships for university undergraduates and graduate students. The work schedule is 42 hours per week.

These are arranged between the student, his educational institution and ourselves as the host. These are intended for students who are following a course at a university where internships are a required part of the course. Where the course is related to our work a project is agreed with the academic institution. If the work that the student undertakes here is not related to his course of study we sometimes agree with the institution that the student's internship is defined as a linguistic internship for the improvement of his English.

Candidates who are not currently following an academic course clearly do not qualify to have an internship under the auspices of a sponsoring institution. However, we are still willing to give an internship certificate to full time interns who complete an internship satisfactorily, which will set out the work undertaken and include an assessment of the student.

These can also be undertaken on a live-out basis if preferred by the student.

This is unusual and generally only happens during the summer vacation period when the demand for internships may exceed our accommodation places.

These are full time internships for workers and are intended for those whose primary interest is in living in Ireland on a long time basis. The work schedule is 42 hours per week.

The purpose is to provide an easy and safe transition to working in Ireland for people from the continent of Europe who are citizens of the E.U. We enable you to gain some experience in an Irish workplace through a two month unpaid internship. During the internship we provide full board and hostel accommodation. We reserve the right to terminate your internship if we judge that you are not performing adequately.

If you complete the internship successfully we facilitate you registering with the Irish state and help you with your efforts to find a job and open a bank account.

So far 100% of our interns have found employment at the end of their internships. If you failed to do so you may continue with the internship while seeking employment.

After you get a job you can continue on a part time basis if you wish while you save up the deposit to get an apartment of your own. Alternatively you can move out right away.



The minimum commitment for the part time program is one month.

The minimum commitment for either full time program is the same – 2 months.


Working holiday makers have accommodation + continental breakfast.

Full time programs are full board, continental breakfast, pack lunch or buffet lunch and communal hot supper. In so far as needed/ requested you must be willing to help with preparation, serving, clearing, washing up and cleaning the kitchen afterwards. You should note that other routine household tasks need to be performed outside of the work schedule, things like putting fuel on the fire in the winter and the kinds of things you would do for yourself at home.


Sleeping accommodation is hostel style in dorms or double rooms and we have one single room and one studio. Bed linen is provided.

Couples and mature full time interns have preference for double rooms. We try to put people together of similar age and culture, as far as possible, if they are not already a couple or travelling together as friends.

Kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared.

If we have sufficient space it may be possible for those who have completed internships (not holiday makers) to stay on as lodgers if they do not secure a contract with us at the end of their internship.


Taking on additional commitments such as language classes or employment is not compatible with any of the programs. However, we help both kinds of interns with their English language study.

Please note we do not provide work references or letters to facilitate registration to those who opt for a working holiday part time program as this program is intended for cultural experience and not as a pathway to employment. It is important to select the right program in accordance with your objectives in coming to Ireland.


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